Below are detailed instructions on how to download your map custom reports. For more detailed information on how to interpret these map reports, please download the Wildfire Fuel Mapper User Manual by clicking here. Please note, no map reports are available for parcels less than 3 acres.

How to create your custom map

Follow the steps below to create custom maps for your property (parcel) or watershed. The report you generate will include maps and informational summaries of landscape elements such as vegetation and fuels to help you assess fire hazards for your selected parcel or watershed.

  1. Download a parcel or watershed report using either the parcel map (first map) or watershed map (second map) below. *Note that only parcels greater than 3 acres are available.*
  2. Then, navigate to your parcel or watershed on the map using the +/- buttons on the left and zooming by clicking and dragging. You can also use the search button on the upper right by typing an address or an APN in the first map, or an address or watershed name in the second map.
  3. When you have found your parcel or watershed, click it to download your report and maps.
  4. Make improvements to these maps by providing your feedback in our short survey.