In Sonoma County and across the west, fires have grown larger and more destructive. Our communities need a coordinated, regional approach to manage fuels and protect people, ecosystems, and infrastructure. While fuel reduction projects require maps and information about a landscape, there are few tools to assist Sonoma County landowners and managers in locating and understanding fire hazards on their land. The Wildfire Fuel Mapper project was created to help address this gap, providing users with a set of tools, resources, and information to help Sonoma County landowners and managers reduce fire hazards. These tools and resources include detailed maps of landscape elements that help users assess fire hazards, and resources to support users in taking the next step in managing fuels and reducing fire hazards.

The Mapper helps landowners to:

  • Understand vegetation types
  • Understand the need for fuel treatments in Sonoma County
  • Obtain information on planning and implementing fuel treatments in Sonoma County
  • Obtain maps for their property or watershed